MxMo CIII: Standoffish // The Sad Mafioso

Once again it's Mixology Monday and once again I'm writing this in the last minute (been watching the news 24/7 since the tragic Paris attacks, only interrupted by my birthday). November's theme is Standoffish and the event is hosted by Shaun and Christa of the Booze Nerds blog. Let them explain what standoffish means in their announcement post, but in short, they're asking for non-shaken, non-stirred ingredients like floats, rinses and sinks.

The Sad Mafioso is named after an epic piece of music by Canadian post-rock orchestra Godspeed You Black Emperor, whom I went to see in Stockholm last week. The drink is about the meeting between blackstrap rum and Italian amaro. Cruzan Black Strap alone, however, is just too dark and deep and works best as a modifier rather than a main ingredient. For this cocktail, the extra-molasses rum is paired with cognac with good results.
The standoff part is a rinse of Fernet Branca, but it's Cynar that does the bitter work. The Fernet only leaves a fresh menthol aroma contrasting to an otherwise murky flavor profile dominated by heavy molasses, earthy amaro and coffee notes. 
Does invisible garnish of citrus peel oils fit into the standoffish theme? If so, we have two of standoffs here: one that contrasts and one that completes, and everything comes full circle. 

The Sad Mafioso

Fernet Branca (for rinsing)
1 oz. cognac
¾ oz. Cruzan Black Strap
½ oz. Cynar
¼ oz. limoncello
2 dashes Seehuusen Spirits Kaffe & Choklad Bitters
orange peel 

Rinse a chilled cocktail glass with Fernet Branca. Stir the other ingredients, except the orange peel, with ice and strain into the glass. Express the orange peel oils onto the drink. Discard peel.

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